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The Need for Professional Psychedelic Therapy: Prioritizing People Over Profit

Recent news of financial struggles and layoffs within psychedelic telehealth companies like Field Trip and Mindbloom highlights the importance of professionally monitored psychedelic-assisted therapy. These companies, which aimed to capitalize on the growing psychedelic industry, have been criticized for their marketing tactics and for providing at-home ketamine therapy services without proper supervision. As the federal Emergency Declaration comes to an end and the Ryan Haight Act of 2008 is set to be enforced again, telehealth companies may no longer be able to prescribe controlled substances like ketamine without in-person consultations.

Professionally guided psychedelic therapy is crucial for helping clients navigate through difficult psychological and emotional experiences, and for integrating these experiences into their lives. The failures of these telehealth companies illustrate the need to prioritize people over profit and promote the human model of healing, rather than replicating the pharmaceutical model.

Original article written by Soul Surgeon can be found here.

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