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beck richards is a therapist and COO of psychedelica collective in los angeles. He specializes in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.
Director of Operations | Founding Partner

Beckett Richards, MFTT, CPC

A native of Chicago, Beckett relocated to Los Angeles in 2015, driven by his passion for helping individuals recover from addiction and trauma. After completing the process to become a certified Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Beckett continued to pursue higher education, graduating from Antioch University’s undergraduate program with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Queer studies. Beckett also completed his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University. He is also pursuing certifications in sound healing, reiki and breathwork. Beckett’s therapeutic approach is holistic in nature, and he borrows from Feminist, Psychodynamic, Internal Family Systems, and Jungian theories. Beckett’s embodied passion for mental health and trauma recovery is deeply rooted within him, and psychedelics have played a powerful and restorative role in his own personal healing journey. He strongly believes in creating access to psychedelics for all people, and he strives to create a harmonious, love-filled planet. To Beckett, nirvana means hiking, camping, or walking on the beach with his Pomeranian sidekick, Seymour. In an unofficial ceremony, Beckett was declared a Ravenclaw by The Sorting Hat.