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sheila at the dunes learning about ketamine assisted therapy in los angeles

Sheila Navidzadeh, MA, MS, CTRP

Sheila, a licensed therapist, life coach, and mental health advocate based in California, is dedicated to promoting emotional and psychological well-being. With certifications in sound bath healing and trauma resilience, she recognizes how mental health profoundly impacts individuals’ lives, including their relationships, work, and daily activities.

Sheila’s enthusiasm for personal growth extends to diverse interests such as yoga, sound healing meditations, scuba diving, and flying single-engine aircraft. Her love for cultural immersion has taken her to 48 countries, fostering a deep connection with people from various backgrounds.

Committed to a healthy lifestyle as a pescatarian, Sheila values balanced nutrition for physical and mental health. As a mental health practitioner, she explores the therapeutic potential of natural plant remedies. Sheila’s passion for mental health is also evident in her advocacy for psychedelic medicine accessibility, driven by her transformative experiences.

In her professional practice, Sheila employs various therapeutic approaches, including person-centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Holistic therapy. She prioritizes personalized treatment plans, offering a safe space for clients to explore their emotions.

Sheila’s advocacy extends to vulnerable populations, including the unsheltered and LGBTQ+ youth, emphasizing mindfulness practices like sound baths, meditation, and yoga to enhance self-awareness and self-compassion.

Beyond her work, Sheila enjoys quality time with loved ones, culinary exploration, live music events, and visits to national parks. Her adventurous spirit, mental health advocacy, and commitment to personal growth make her a valued member of the therapy community.